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How you can help save Vaping.



The most important way to help

  • Hand Write your 2 Senator’s and Congressional Representative for your State as much as you can. (Please Hand Write No typing or computer.)
    We have attached a sample of what to say!

Called Hand Letter Sample.


  • Call your 2 Senator’s and Congressional Representative. At least once a week.

Senator’s for your State Are:

Located Here


Congressional Representative :( Use the address that’s closest to you)

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 All Credits Go to Sherwin Mena and Tristan Thompson. This was the Idea and they wrote the orginal template.

Hand Writen letter.


Dear Senator/Representative _____________:

I am writing this letter about the FDA deeming regulations that were published on May 10, 2016. These regulations will:

1. This will economically devastate the vape community. It will eliminate 99.9% of all products currently on the market and drive 99.9% of the vape shops and manufactures out of business.

2. This will create a Black Market. People will make their own liquid just like in prohibition. Mistakes will be made and people will get injured. The FDA Regs will cause more damage to public Health then helping.

3. This will Eliminate Choice. By banning 99.9% of all vape products, you are eliminating my freedom to choose. I will NEVER use a Big Tobacco product EVER again. My choice will always be small to medium size business for my vapor supplies.

4. Our Lifestyle. The Government cannot eliminate a lifestyle. The Govt. tried in the past and did not work (Same Sex/Prohibition/Marijuana). Vaping is here to stay. The Government can either regulate it to death and collect no tax revenue or enact reasonable regulation and participate in a growing industry that will financially benefit Federal, State and Local Governments.

I implore you to support HR2058 and the Cole-Bishop Amendment in the Agricultural Appropriations Bill. These bills will allow existing vape products to remain on the market and move the grandfather/predicate date to the date of the finalized FDA Regs. Supporting these bills will support jobs and the economy in my state. Your support on these Bills will allow me to support you in your upcoming election.